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Review: Brush Strokes

Brush Strokes - Janelle Stalder

Olivia was unnoticeable before moving away for two years, known as the freak who paints. Now she’s returned for her senior year and suddenly everyone is being nice to her and she’s got the two hottest guys fighting for her attention; the school star Jake and the bad boy next door, Colt. Olivia has to adjust to the attention and make some decisions that could end up in heartbreak.


Olivia is a shy, artsy, loving, caring girl, why everyone ignored her besides her best friend Ella is beyond me. From the descriptions of her she’s beautiful in my mind and she’d be an awesome friend. Once she builds her self-confidence she really is amazing. I love how she reacts to Colt and the bit bye ays she gets back at him, really made me giggle ALOT!


Reagan and her girls annoyed the hell out of me but don’t the school bitches (pardon my French) always do that? Every time she appeared in the story it made me want to slap her silly little face, and Jenn was almost as bad but then without them the story wouldn’t have been as good so no complaints from me, just some muttered cursing ;)


Colt *sigh* sorry! Colt is the bad boy next door, covered in tattoos and body piercing he seems like your typical bad boy, going through the ladies, never getting attached but that is sooooo not the case when it comes to Olive. I loved how he was with her, they seemed perfect for each other and I can’t believe how long they danced around each other for. Just like, Jesus! Make out already… Ya know?


Haha but I’m just impatient and I loved the way it all happened. It wasn’t rushed into and it didn’t feel dragged out either. The pacing was great and wasn’t boring for me at all. I expected great things from this book and great is what I got. Janelle’s writing sucked me in and kept me captivated right until the end and I can’t wait to read Ella’s story, like can I have it now please? Ahhhhh there’s me being impatient again but I seriously can’t wait to get my hands on it!


**A copy was provided for review purposes**

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Review: Reveal (Cryptid Tales #1)

Reveal (Paranormal Romance) (Cryptid Tales) - Brina Courtney

Shay can talk to ghosts, she can also see them, feel them too. Her best friend is a six year old, who happens to be a ghost. Shay finally meets someone like her in her senior year and gets to learn more of who she is and what she’s capable of.


I tend to steer clear of ghosts, I’ve read a few books with ghosts in and just not enjoyed them. I guess it all depends on how they’re used in the story. I had some doubts after signing up for the review blitz but I can now say with all honesty the doubts were unneeded. I really enjoyed Reveal and I’m glad I chose to sign up.


I’m not quite sure why I liked Shay. Usually a character like her would annoy me but she surprisingly didn’t. I felt sorry for her as she felt lonely, not knowing there were others of her kind. Even though she had her mum, her brother Chad and her best friend Liv, there was nobody to share her secret with. She’s good under pressure, thinks of others before herself (mostly) and does what she must. What did annoy me was how quick she fell for Hugh, sure she’d seen him around but they’d not known each other long before she used the L word :(


Hugh I didn’t like much even if he is a hottie. He was full of lies and hidden truths, why couldn’t he just be up front from the start? I hate it when characters hide things, surely their lives would be simpler if they told the truth from the get go, no? I did admire how he put Shay before himself though.


The story I enjoyed. It was different and full of surprises. I love not knowing how things will turn out and I couldn’t guess with Reveal. I even finished it in one sitting, I just couldn’t put it down. A nice, fun quick read.


Now the ending is a completely different story. How can it end there? I wasn’t happy at all, it almost made me cry when I turned the page and there was no more. HELLO, more please?! I will definitely be reading book 2 at some point in the future, I’m curious to find out what happens next.


If you’re a fan of paranormal fantasy I’d suggest giving this series a go, even if you’re not a fan of ghosts!


**A copy was provided for review purposes**

Source: http://morphybooksblog.wordpress.com/2014/06/11/review-blitz-reveal

Review: Destruction (December People #1)

Destruction: The December People, Book One - Sharon Bayliss

David is a dark wizard but doesn’t know it yet, he has a wife and 3 kids, plus 2 more from an affair. His secret family went missing years ago and he’s finally heard word about them. Not only does he have to tell his wife about the affair, he learns a secret his wife kept from him and his whole life changes. His job is going down the drain, his kids are changing in a big way and it’s a whole lot complicated.


I’m a big animal lover so the cover calls to me, the butterfly is my favourite colour and I love how it’s not just on the cover but at the top of each chapter page too. The writing is well done and I couldn’t find any mistakes to nit-pick at which is rare for me.


Wizards YAY, I love witchy books. Destruction is a lot different from previous ones I’ve read though. The wizards/witches have seasons, that’s new for me but I love how it made perfect sense.


David has a rough life but I think he brought a fair bit on himself. I couldn’t feel sorry for him if i tried. Towards the end there was a tiny bit but it wasn’t there for long. How can one person make a mess of their life so bad. I mean why can’t he just do what needs to be done instead of someone having to do what he couldn’t? I know it’s a bit vague but it’s a big part of the book so I’m not sharing the details HAHA.


Evangeline and Xavier broke my heart. I wanted to get my hands on Colter and strangle the monster with my bare hands. Grrrr… Both kids are sweet, keep to themselves mostly and protect each other, Xavier is quiet and Evangeline is quite loud but they go well together, like yin an yang.


The other Vandergraff kids drove me bonkers. Emmy was a cow at the best of times and Jude was a pig. I can’t think of an animal for Patrick right now but I’m sure one will come to me eventually ;)


The plot was good, it had twists and turns, unexpected events, lots of secrets and betrayal. Magic, by the bucket load and some dark parts too. It flowed together nicely, the only thing that done me in was how little I liked most of the characters. I mean there’s loads of them and I only really liked Evangeline, Xavier, Patrick, Samantha and Rachel. I couldn’t stand Amanda and David, he ticked me off constantly :(.


Oh how I looooveee happily ever afters, even the not so happily ever afters but still turned out better than I imagined it would, this is definitely so here. I enjoyed Destruction, wizards/witches really fascinate me, and reading a good book about them makes my day.


**A copy was provided for review purposes**

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Review: Bound (Guardians #1)

Bound (The Guardians, #1) - M.J.   Stevens

Mellea is a country girl, working to save up for college when she helps a hurt stranger. From one good deed her life gets turned upside down. She is taken away from her family and has to adjust to new ways. She can’t see how things could get worse, her life is in turmoil but that’s only the beginning. Danger strikes and she’s right in the middle of things. One decision will change her life forever.


I love the cover of Bound, the necklace she holds in her hand is beautiful and I love the relevance it has to the story.


I liked Mellea, she has a strong head on her shoulders, is stubborn as a mule, doesn’t take no crap from no-one and knows right from wrong even when faced with impossible decisions. But she knows when to save her breath too. And she doesn’t quit, I really liked that about her. She was dealt a bad hand of cards but she learnt to make the most of it. Plus she somehow managed to get Leo out of his shell, no easy task.


Leo was a pain in the butt but I enjoyed him. He was a ratbag at the start but once Mellea made an effort to befriend him he opened up little by little until his real self emerged. I hate it when characters hide behind who they think they should be, instead of just being themselves but at least it didn’t last throughout the whole book, that would have really ticked me off.


All the guardians besides the Lady Guardian think themselves above everyone else and I mean, come on! You’re just people right? Just because they rule doesn’t mean they can treat people like garbage. Just AARRGGGHHHH…


The story was fun to read and had a few twists and turns, I liked how everything worked together, all the little things that happened were for a reason and weren’t just random. What did irk me a little was how predictable parts where. I knew a few things (major things) that were going to happen and they did, even early on in the story. I don’t enjoy it as much when I know what’s coming, I should really not think ahead and just stay on the page but it’s one of my faults. Oh well.


Overall I really enjoyed Bound and look forward to reading Divided, book 2 in the Guardians series. If you’re a fan of Sci-fi/Fantasy I would recommend giving Bound a go, definitely worth reading ;)


**A copy was provided for review purposes**

Source: http://morphybooksblog.wordpress.com/2014/05/16/review-bound

Review: Fire of Stars and Dragons (Stars and Souls #1)

Fire of Stars and Dragons - Melissa Petreshock

Caitriona Hayden is living in a time where women weren’t treated as equals. She was just a normal human woman until a dragon took her as his ward. From there her world was turned upside down. Not only does she have a dragon but also a deity, a demigod fighting for her love. And last but not least, a Vampire, the King of sovereign America. Cait has some hard decisions ahead of her and some BIG changes to come.


I really don’t know where to start. I have only just finished the last page and have to write my review now whilst it’s fresh. There’s just so much I want to say but won’t be able to as I’d just give most of the story away, can’t be doing that now can I?


Cait is a great character, I absolutely loved her. She doesn’t take no bullsh*t and speaks her mind. She shows strength and leadership in a time where women weren’t seen as they should be. She has some difficult times but learns to adapt and use it to her advantage. Not only does she have three men wanting her hand in marriage but she has changes coming to her she knows nothing about but through it all she remains strong, witty and stands up for herself. She has an attitude too which was amazing. It amused me to no end how she treated everyone and wasn’t scared of them when anyone else would be.


Theo was a bit of an ass but I enjoyed him too. It annoyed me a bit how he didn’t think he was good enough and kept pushing her towards another. He was uncertain a lot and it angered me repeatedly but without it the story wouldn’t have been the same.


I loved all of the dragons. Dragons are one of my if not my most favourite magical beings/creatures. They fascinate me to no end and I adore them, I want my own dragon!! Claaron AKA Snowflake was one of my favourites. He loved teasing and being a devil but he had a jealous, mean streak in him too, any scenes with him in never failed to make me smile. And Jai was another one. He was completely unique, different than all the rest and completely adored Cait. He’d do anything for her as would the others but i think he takes it to a new level. Talons anyone? Haha


Fire of Stars and Dragons was a magical read. It was full of love, power, strength, battles and most importantly Dragons! Who doesn’t love dragons? I really really enjoyed this one and can’t wait to read book 2 as soon as I can get my hands on it. Until then I shall wait impatiently ;)


**A copy was provided for review purposes**

Source: http://morphybooksblog.wordpress.com/2014/05/15/blog-tour-fire-of-stars-and-dragons

Review: Hedge Witch (Cloven Land Trilogy #1)

Hedge Witch: The Cloven Land Trilogy, Book 1 - Simon Kewin

Cait Weerd goes from being a normal teenager to a witch in the matter of a few days. A great task has been given to her. Destroy a book that can create monsters with unimaginable power. Along with Danny, her boyfriend-but-not she sets out to rid the world of evil, along with finding out who she really is.


Hedge Witch was a lot like I expected it to be but not too. Does that even make sense? After reading the synopsis I knew I’d enjoy reading it but it took me until 40ish percent before I could get into it. The first 40% wasn’t much fun to read for me, it was slow and boring some but once the ball got rolling I couldn’t put it down. Weird huh?


I love love witch books, whenever I can get my hands on them I mostly enjoy them lots, and there’s definitely a few witches in this one plus more creatures and other worlds, I loved the plot, how it all fit together and the characters were great too. I felt I could connect with them all. I didn’t much like Hellen though, she just didn’t sit well with me for some reason.


Cait was great, I really enjoyed reading about her journey, how she found herself, pushed herself past her fears and her bravery and strength. Plus the blue hair! You go girl… Such a hard task at a young age and she took it on with both hands and really went for it. An admirable character.


Her mum and gran were awesome too, both witches, her gran not so powerful but still determined to help out as much as she can. Her mum is more powerful and once she’s back in reality she helps as much as possible and saves the day, literally. Danny was lovely, not many friends would risk their lives on a journey of madness, trying to complete a task that’s probably going to fail and get everyone killed but he takes it all on with a smile. I loved how he stuck by Cait, I didn’t enjoy what happened towards the end though :(. He better be okay!!!!


The only part that really let it down for me was how slow I found the beginning, and there was a few parts throughout that made me want to skip a page or three but I didn’t. I gritted my teeth and carried on and I’m so glad I did. Then there’s the fact a few bits didn’t make sense to me, I admit it’s early hours in the morning so my brain isn’t at full power but I couldn’t connect some dots and it upsets me a lot when that happens


The ending I’m not too happy about. What a way to finish, now I’m dying to get my hands on the sequel, Worm Lord to find out what happens next. I’ll definitely be reading that one! Overall a fun read, fans of witches should give this a go, it’s different and really grips you once it gets into it.


**A copy was provided for review purposes**

Source: http://morphybooksblog.wordpress.com/2014/05/09/blog-tour-hedge-witch

Review: Summoned (Summoned #1)

Summoned - Rainy Kaye

Dimitri works for a man called Karl who is one big giant a-hole with a capital A! He sends him off to kill/kidnap people with no thought to Dimitri. He has no choice, he’s bound to Karl with an Unbreakable bond, besides death but he’s under oath not to kill him. Sucks for him. Dimitri is sent on a group of missions back to back which is really rare and new ants to know what’s going on. Especially when it’s not just him he’s thinking about anymore.


I wasn’t sure what to expect and I still don’t know but i was surprised a few times yet predicted a fair bit. I did enjoy Summoned but not as much as I’d have liked to. I think the main problem for me was Syd. She just downright annoyed me. Okay so she had her good points but they were lost amongst her bad ones. I just completely disliked her and considering she plays a big part in the story it was upsetting.


Dimitri, not really sure what I can say about him. My heart broke for him, imagine being bound to someone who only wants to use you for his own purpose. At his beck and call 24/7 with no life of his own. It would kill me, literally. But he soldiered on and done what was expected of him, most of the time. What attracted him to Syd though? I don’t get it, am I the only one who doesn’t like her?


The story was a great idea, I haven’t read many books on genies so it was fun and refreshing. I loved how the wishes were unlimited and they had to take oaths at the beginning of their bond. I will not kill myself, I will not kill my master etc. and the way Syd and Karl fit together into the story was also a brilliant idea, and the little girl… Won’t say anymore on that one.


Sylvia was a tart, is there a nicer way to say it? She bloody annoyed me too, more so than Syd. I’m glad he pushed her away every time, I don’t think I could of took it had he accepted her advances. Makes me cringe at the thought.


The ending was okay, slightly predictable, maybe a lot. There was a little surprise thrown in there for me though which I thoroughly enjoyed. Overall it was a fun, fast paced read but I’m only going to give it 3* as disliking a main character is a big no no for me and predictability too. Other than that, I liked it.


**A copy was provided for review purposes**

Source: http://morphybooksblog.wordpress.com/2014/05/06/blog-tour-summoned

Review: Letting Go (Surrender Trilogy #1)

Letting Go: Surrender Trilogy Book 1 - Maya Banks

Joss has been a widow for three years when she finally decides to let go of her husband and move on. She believes that because she had true love with Carson she’ll never find that type of love again. Joss has always wanted to be dominated, it was something her husband was unable to give her due to his past. Now she’s free and able to make her fantasy become a reality. What she doesn’t expect is Dash, her husbands best friend to be a dominant and everything she craves.


I love Maya Banks, I buy all her books, they’re marvellous. Theirs to Keep and the KGI series are amongst my favourites. The way Maya weaves her tales leaves me an emotional wreck every time, I’m never disappointed. I purposely kept away from reading reviews for Letting Go as I wanted to go into it without knowing anything (I didn’t even read the synopsis)! I have to mention the cover, isn’t it beautiful? So bright and colourful! it’s stunning.


I enjoyed Joss’s journey, watching her find herself again after grieving for three years was emotional. She is a determined woman, going after what she wants but has denied herself for so long. She doesn’t rush into anything but thinks things through before committing. I agreed with Joss a lot, at times she got on my nerves. Especially when she thought about going back to school/work, it irritated me that she didn’t just do it rather than worrying what Dash would think.


Poor Dash, the hell he must have gone through standing on the sidelines whilst the woman he loves is happily married to his best friend. Even after Carson died he was Joss’s rock, a shoulder to cry on, I just couldn’t imagine it. At long last though he gets his shot, a chance at something he never thought possible and wants more than anything.


I felt connected with all the characters, they had depth, the character development was really well done. Now the dominance part… It was done right, not too overdone, especially as Joss is new to the scene. Dash eases her into it properly and it’s not rushed, they take it slow and figure it out together as it should be done.


I especially loved Chessy! What a woman she is, she made me laugh endlessly. I loved the bond the three women shared (Joss, Chessy and Kylie), theirs is the sort of friendship everyone wants. Always there for each other, whether for encouragement or a shoulder to lean on. Kylie was a lovely character and drew the emotions from me the easiest. Along with Carson (Kylie’s brother) she had a hard life growing up and finds it hard to trust and be around dominant men.


The only downside for me was at times it felt a little slow, there was parts I wanted to flip the page a few times, and Dash’s insecurities JESUS! I get that he feels he has some big shoes to fill but he lets it get in the way of their relationship, one he’s craved for years yet is determined to mess up.


Overall I enjoyed Letting Go, but it’s not one of Maya’s best in my eyes.

Source: http://morphybooksblog.wordpress.com/2014/04/29/review-letting-go

Review: Moonflower

Moonflower - Angela J. Townsend

I went into Moonflower blind. Most of the time I’ll read the synopsis before daring to read a book but not this one. I absolutely love the cover AND the publisher so I thought I’d be fine and I was right. And I’m glad I didn’t read about it beforehand because I was surprised at so many turns that wouldn’t have been possible had I gone in prepared.


I felt so sorry for Natasha. Being thrown into care and having to put up with Bit*h Bambi until she could escape. Even though she was dealt a rubbish hand she powered through and became stronger for it. She had strength and courage, I don’t think I’d be able to pack up and go to a new country looking for answers on my own, that would be scary as hell but she did it and much more.


I loved all the characters in Moonflower with the exception of Bambi but I’m sure everyone will feel the same as me. Chuck captured my heart and held it for a long time. He put up with all of Bambi’s crap because he wanted to stay close to Natasha, how amazing it that? I get why he done it now that I’ve finished but still, he won some major points from me. Anatoly was another great character, a knight in shining armour if you will, he swears to protect and help Natasha, even if it means making sacrifices of which he has to make.


I loved the plot, Natasha is an artist, as was her mother before her and ancestors before them. I thought it was brilliant and different. To have a mural that can come to life if it’s not restored was a great idea and I really enjoyed it. I also liked where Natasha’s nightmares were rooted from and how she overcame them.


The only thing that let it down for me was the ending, I felt as if the story was nowhere near finished and I wasn’t ready to let it go yet but I didn’t have a choice. I’d have liked to see where things went. Why isn’t it a series please? Other than that I really enjoyed Moonflower and I think any lover of paranormal will too.


**A copy was provided for review purposes**

Source: http://morphybooksblog.wordpress.com/2014/04/18/review-moonflower

Review: Wicked Hunger (Someone Wicked This Way Comes #1)

Wicked Hunger: SomeOne Wicked This Way Comes: 1 - DelSheree Gladden

Van, Zander and Oscar are siblings who all suffers from a curse, hunger. They have to fight their hunger all the time and certain people can set it off. When the new girl Ivy starts at their school she sets both Van’s and Zander’s hunger off, which is unheard of for them both to react to the same person. Zander is unable to stay away from Ivy and has to fight his raging hunger around her constantly. Can he control it or will his hunger control him?


Do you ever compare books to others you’ve read? The majority of the time I don’t but I did with Wicked Hunger, I couldn’t stop myself. Twilight was my comparison. New girl starts school, boy is drawn to her, he can hurt her but can’t stop himself from being around her. His family warn him off but he ignores them. Ring a bell? God, it annoyed the living day lights out of me :(


I really wanted to love Wicked Hunger, the synopsis really grabbed my attention but unfortunately it just wasn’t meant to be. I did enjoy it I guess but it wasn’t anything special for me. I found myself taking long breaks from reading and when I did pick it back up it took me a while to get back into the story.


I couldn’t connect with any of the characters, not one. Van wasn’t too bad as she stuck by her brother and was determined to save him even if he wasn’t willing to save himself, she didn’t give up on him which I admired. Zander was a selfish ass who really irritated me, I mean he forces Van to choose him over someone she’s loved since kindergarten but is unwilling to do the same for her with someone he’s only just met?


But I did enjoy the ending. And not because it meant I was done, I was shocked when I finished it and wanted to keep reading. I didn’t expect it at all and now I’m dying to know what they’re going to do. Will it help or make it worse? Is he really there to help or has he got an ulterior motive? Argghhhh……I hate a book leaving me with questions. Whether or not I’ll read the next book to get answers who knows, we shall see.


**A copy was provided for review purposes**

Source: http://morphybooksblog.wordpress.com/2014/04/17/review-wicked-hunger

Review: The Mind's Eye (Synsk #1)

The Mind's Eye (SYNSK) - K.C. Finn

Kit suffers from an illness that keeps her in a wheelchair but has an amazing ability, she can enter people’s minds and see what they see. At the start of Word War II Kit and her brother Leighton evacuate to Wales to stay with a family there. Whilst there Kit someone connects to the mind of a boy in Oslo, forming a bond and helping him through some rough times. Kit and Henri must fight the war anyway they can, which is in completely different ways.


Holy mother of god, what just happened? My mind is in turmoil, my emotions are all over the place and I can’t believe I’ve finished it. Can I start again from the beginning please? What an amazing story. I’m not usually a big fan of historical but K. C. Finn has definitely changed that.


Kit has an illness that keeps her in a wheelchair, from the outside she looks fragile but she has a mind of steel. She will go to any lengths to do what she believes is right. No matter the damage to herself, mind or body. I admired Kit a hell of a lot, there’s just some secret strength to her I couldn’t ignore. She has to leave her mother and stay in a foreign town, battle her illness, strengthen her body and try to control her ability, and somehow manages to do it all, you go girl!


Henri was a loveable character too, at the start he was a boy living in Oslo, which the Germans had occupied. He witnessed some horrific events and had the courage to escape. Henri’s strength wasn’t secret, it was brilliant! As soon as he turned 18 he was determined to do what he could to fight the war, no matter it could lead to his death. Where can I get me a Henri?


The other characters were great. Mam, Idrys, Blod, Bickerstaff, Ness, the brothers and Leighton. They all brought something special to the story, especially Blod and Bickerstaff, they made me laugh and cry, I even wanted to slap Blod a time or two but I came around, now we can be friends.


I loved the world-building. Having Kits ability to enter minds during the Second World War is genius. Can you imagine if that was possible? The amount of lives you could save, people you could help, the possibilities are endless. I was well excited to see how it panned out. We got to visit London, Wales, Norway, France and just wow, it was lots of fun though I bet Bickerstaff would disagree.


The Mind’s Eye left me an emotional wreck. I cried not once, twice but three times and I don’t mean I shed a tear. I mean full on sobbing, wiping my face with tissues crying. I was pulled in from the start and felt like my hands were glued in place. I couldn’t have put it down if I tried.


All’s I can say is if you’re a fan of YA paranormal you have to give this a go. Even if you don’t read historical still do it. You won’t be disappointed I promise you!


**A copy was provided for review purposes**

Source: http://morphybooksblog.wordpress.com/2014/04/01/review-the-minds-eye

Review: Killing Honor (Lucky Thirteen #1)

Killing Honor (Lucky Thirteen) - Suzan Butler

Brody Battles is a Navy SEAL, he’s been away from his family on a secret mission for two years, unable to tell Devyn anything about it, when he returns home after being injured everything is different. Neither Brody or Devyn are the people they were 2years ago. They must learn to adjust and trust each other.


I enjoyed the story behind it, even knowing it was a book full of secrets between the characters I wanted to read it as it’s military. I’m a pad brat (Army), have been since I was young so I read them whenever I get the chance. I can’t stand secrets, especially between a married couple, there’s nothing he shouldn’t be able to tell her. I understand he needs permission from the captain but he shouldn’t have kept her in the dark. At least then she would have been prepared for what comes later. What a Plank!!


Devyn for the past two years whilst her husband was away has been looking after their twins. The little ones were only 2weeks old when he left. She’s had it tough, it can’t be easy raising two monsters on your own, I struggle with one somedays. Some of the thoughts passing through her head disgusted me though. How self-centred can one woman be?


Brody was a pain in the ass, one minute he was laughing and joking the next in complete shutdown, I felt like he gave me whiplash. Going on missions is a rough deal and took a lot out of him but he needed to handle it better around Devyn and the girls. Maybe I’m being too strict, I’m like 99.9% sure I’d have nightmares about shit too if I were in his position but he should have just told Devyn, therefore I didn’t like him, at all, for many many reasons! No relationship can be built on secrets, it’ll just crumble and fall.


Overall there was a few good parts I enjoyed. When Devyn finally grew a backbone, when Jane got what she deserved, the ending was good, maybe now he can share more with her. And she should take some bloody martial arts classes just in case they get any more surprises, get you butt in gear please Brody!


**A copy was provided for review purposes**

Source: http://morphybooksblog.wordpress.com/2014/02/15/review-killing-honor

Review: Wanted (Most Wanted #1)

Wanted  - J. Kenner

Angie has had a crush on Evan Black since the age of sixteen, one that only got worse as the years passed. She was warned away from him by her Uncle Jahn and maybe rightly so. Having kicked her wild side to the curb years earlier Angie is doing her best to be how a Senators daughter should, whilst secretly craving things to get her adrenaline going, she wants to fly and believes Evan can make her do just that.


Wanted is an erotica romance but it doesn’t contain many steamy scenes; it’s more about the plot of the story with the sex added in. It’s a nice change from it being all about the sex and having a plot thrown in like an afterthought. I did love the sex scenes but there was so much more to it than that.


To me Wanted is about a woman and a man wanting something they shouldn’t. For Angie it’s a man who is dark and dangerous, wrapped up in things she’s best to leave alone. For Evan it’s wanting someone “sweet” like Angie, someone who makes him want to stop his foolish ways and to be the man she deserves. To watch them come together after skirting around each other for years was fun, the amount of built up heat and passion was wild and untamed. It was great fun to read!


There’s so much more I want to say but I don’t want to give too much away, just holy cow! I wonder what Cole and Tyler’s stories are, surely if they’re as hot as Wanted I’m in for a treat. A powerful story about passion, love and the power it holds.


**A copy was provided for review purposes**

Source: http://morphybooksblog.wordpress.com/2014/02/14/review-wanted

Review: Stolen Songbird (Malediction Trilogy #1)

Stolen Songbird (Malediction Trilogy 1) - Danielle L. Jensen

Cecile de Troyes is kidnapped and taken to Trollus where she is sold to the King and bonded to the heir, Prince Tristan in hopes of breaking the curse placed on Trollus by a powerful witch. At first Cecile wants nothing but to leave but once she gets to know the people and what they’re fighting for she is determined to help them or go down fighting.


I’ve never read a book about trolls so I was very excited when I heard of Stolen Songbird, the synopsis is catching and the cover is beautiful. Not only that, but the writing is magical, it drew me in and I was spellbound. My house suffered as instead of cleaning I was reading and reading some more.


Cecile de Troyes is a human girl kidnapped and sold to the trolls. Bonded and married to Prince Tristan, the hope to half-blooded trolls. For it is she who is supposed to break the curse holding them in Trollus, cursed to live in darkness buried beneath the earth. She is a strong character who puts others before herself. She is focused on her goals and once she sets her mind on something she puts everything into it. I really liked her character, I felt sorry for her for losing everything she knew and threw into a world she believed was fantasy. She handled it all remarkably well and adapted.


Tristan was a difficult character to like at first, all his moves were calculated, he fought the bonding at every turn but it was for a good purpose, and once the reason became known I warmed up to him quickly. He is a great character and will hopefully one day be an awesome king who values all his subjects, not just the full bloods like those before him, including his father.


I love how the story evolved, so many parts were unexpected and I was pleasantly surprised at many turns. The ending was definitely a surprise but a welcome one even if it broke my heart. I hate cliff hangers as now I’m dying to know what happens next, it’s going to be a long wait!


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Review: The Fountain of the Earth (Fountain of the Earth #1)

The Fountain of the Earth (Volume 1) - H. L. LeRoy

Terra Vonn witnesses her mothers murder and promises revenge on the killers. She sets out alone on her journey that proves to be dangerous and difficult. Going out on her own was way harder than she thought it’d be. Along the way Terra learns how to make it on her own, surviving on instinct and sheer will. On a path of destruction Terra must make her own choices and live with the consequences of her actions.


Wow, OMG, holy hell! I started The Fountain of the Earth this morning and now that I’ve finished it I want to start from the beginning all over again. What a story it is. I was so excited I found myself having to re-read parts as I was skimming ahead (something I rarely do) because I couldn’t wait to see what was coming!


The world Terra lives in is so different from ours. Her world is bleak, boring and dangerous. I couldn’t imagine living the way they do. Being bid on to become someone’s wife, second, or third wife! Really? That so wouldn’t sit well with me, I’d kick up a right fuss. Living in camps in huts, scrounging for food and fighting to survive. Women being the lesser of the pair, it just saddens me so much to think of what the women had to go through even as they made the most of it.


Terra Vonn is such a strong character. Having lost both her parents, witnessing the brutal murder of her mother she promises revenge and sticks to her guns. She doesn’t shy at the path she’s chosen but jumps in with both feet. She knows it’s going to be dangerous and could get her killed but is determined to do it anyway. She’s brave, passionate, courageous, thinks well under pressure, strong willed and a good hunter/fighter (in the end). I admired Terra a helluva lot, she fell down a few times but picked herself up and came back stronger than ever.


There was so many characters introduced to go into detail or I’d be here for hours but wow, I loved so many of them. Carson for teaching Terra how to hunt properly, Beth because she comes such along way and turns out to be a fine warrior, and a great friend. Ormek for helping Beth and later helping Aurora. AND Scott Stevens, I can’t forget Scott! He was amazing, you don’t see much of him but what you do see will pull at your heartstrings! There’s so many more but I’ll leave it there.


The ending, just Jesus! I cried like a baby. I never saw it coming! Really? I thought I’d misread it and backtracked but no, my eyes weren’t playing tricks on me, it was really there in front of me. What a great ending to an amazing story.


I am so freaking excited for book 2! Gimme gimme! If your a fan of Dystopian I highly suggest you give the Fountain of Earth a go, you won’t be disappointed, I sure wasn’t! I’ve found me a new book to add to my favourites shelf!


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Review: Fates (Fates #1)

Fates  - Lanie Bross

Corinthe is banished from her home for making a mistake. For 10 years she works in hopes of finally being allowed to return home, to Pyralis. Charged with one last assignment, Corinthe must kill Luc, a boy she sees like no other, one who makes her question herself. Can she complete her task or will she choose her own path?


I was sooooo soooo excited when I was approved for Fates through NetGalley. I couldn’t wait to read it, the synopsis drew me in and I just had to read it now, never mind waiting for release day (I know it’s only a few days away but I’m impatient!). I love mythology books, anything to do with fate, prophecies, storytelling and I’m all for it.


I have to say I’m disappointed. Fates was so different than I expected it to be. Is that a bad thing though? Do you want books to turn out as you imagine they will or do you like it when they prove you wrong and are full of surprises? I was partly upset it didn’t happen how I imagined but secretly glad at the same time, mixed feelings anyone?


I loved all the different world accessed through the crossroads, they were so different and played a big part in the story, the imagination in them all and the fear brought on through being in them was fun to read.


Poor Corinthe, a fate banished from her home, forced to live in Humana amongst humans who she has no connection with, is in constant pain from lack of energy and has no contact besides Miranda! her guide. Corinthe never questions her tasks, she gets the job done without batting an eyelash. Until her final one of course, she finally pauses and asks questions! If let for her but she just annoyed me at times, I was like “everyone makes their own choices! Even you can, so choose! DUHHH” obviously it worked ;)


Lucas was a good character. He’s protective, always looking out for his little sister Jasmine, even Corinthe after she tries to kill him. He’s just not a hateful person, he’s understanding, strong minded and a great match for Corinthe.


Though there was little sparks of romance there just wasn’t enough for me, and the ending? OMG the ending brought a tear or two to my eye, how heartbreaking. I can’t say more although I really want to or I’ll spoil it. If you want to know what happens you’ll just have to read it ;D


**A copy was provided for review purposes**

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