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Review: If I Were You (Inside Out #1) by Lisa Renee Jones

If I Were You - Lisa Renee Jones

When high school English teacher finds personal journals belonging to a woman named Rebecca and she’s determined to find out what has happened to her as she seems to have disappeared with no trace. During her hunt she ends up at the Art Gallery where Rebecca worked and offers to work there for the summer. Sara finds herself attracted to her boss Mark and Artist Chris Merit, both have an edge to them and Sara wants to know more.

Wow, just wow. I refused to put this down last night until I finished it even though I was completely shattered, if it weren’t for my kindle battery running low I’m sure I’d have started ‘Being Me’ then too instead of sleeping.

A lot of people have made references to the 50 shades trilogy, including Lisa but its completely different. Okay, so it contains BDSM and Authoritative Male characters who always get what they want and can’t take no for an answer.

I loved Sara’s character. She’s just so bold and can stand up for herself, even if her body just wants to melt! I loved that and I’m pretty sure Mark and Chris do too. She’s smart, beautiful, fun and normal.

Mark Crompton is Sara’s boss at the Gallery and he’s got the looks, the money and the charm. He’s bossy, arrogant, cocky and flat out irritating! He always wound me up and I’m sure Sara feels it much worse. I love a man in a suit though, especially pin-striped suits.

Chris Merit is a well known Artist and Sara loves his work. She meets him at the gallery and is charmed by his easy attitude and his good looks. He’s more than he makes himself out to be and Sara wants to know his deepest darkest secrets, lets hope we get to share them too ;). I loved Chris, he’s so charming and sexy although he’s still arrogant and bossy, especially in the bedroom.

If I Were You is fast-paced, the writing is good and flows smoothly. Allowing me to read it all in one sitting. The story was great too. I loved how it all evolved around a journal, how exciting would it be to discover them yourself. They are HOT!! The world Sara finds herself in is all new and exciting and I love Art too which was a bonus, but I don’t do wine, I’m more of a Jack Daniels gal :)

Overall I really enjoyed this and am glad I don’t have to wait to read the next book in the series, Being Me as the cliffhanger at the end of If I Were You left me speechless. I couldn’t believe it finished where it did! It left my mouth dry and my heart pounding.

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