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Review: Grasping at Eternity (Kindrily #1)

Grasping at Eternity - Karen Amanda Hooper

Maryah is an average seventeen year old girl, or so she thinks. When she moves in with her adoptive family she learns things about herself and those around her she never thought possible. Maryah must remember who she was so she can reach her full potential as an Element.


Wow, Grasping at Eternity is such an emotional read, I felt like I was on a rollercoaster. I haven’t laughed or cried so much reading a book in a long time, my face is covered in mascara now that I’ve finished :/ haha.


And I love the cover! Teal is my favourite colour and it has lots, I love the title and peacocks! Considering how much peacocks are mentioned in the book it’s nice to see them on the cover, and they’re so pretty!


Maryah is an average seventeen year old girl, at first but things seem to happen to her that can’t be normal. She’s confused and blames it on believable things such as an injury to the brain so her mind’s playing tricks. Sometimes it felt like she was so slow to catch on, I was like HELLO Maryah it’s not that hard to see what’s going on, open your bloody eyes, please!


Nathan bless his little (or not so little) cotton socks! I can’t imagine the pain he was in seeing his soulmate only for her not to have any idea who he is or what they mean to each other. I felt like my heart was getting ripped out my chest at parts, it’s so saddening. And his disbelief she won’t remember him EVER drove me nuts, it’s like HAVE A LITTLE FAITH! Jesus.


My feelings were all over the place when I was reading and still are now that I’ve finished. It took a while for me to get into it, the first few chapters but once I did my iPad (kindle is dead) stayed glued to my hands as much as possible. :)

Grasping at Eternity is a great read, it’s warming, heartbreaking, funny, cute and full of twists and cool superpowers. If your a fan of Paranormal Romance and you haven’t already read it give it a whirl!


**A copy was provided for review purposes**

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