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Review: Safe in His Arms

Safe in His Arms - Renee Rose

Becca spends an amazing weekend with a “marine” Zac, knowing she won’t see him again only to wind up pregnant. Seven years later, after him supposedly being dead he turns up unexpectedly and swears she’s in danger. Becca must learn to trust him and let him into their lives. Zac needs to keep his family safe and will do whatever it takes to make it happen.


Not what I was expecting, but an enjoyable read. There was parts where I felt off and just couldn’t connect with it.


I loved Parker!! He’s such a smart kid, brave, loving, caring, daring and totally cool. I’d have pee’d my pants if I was put in his situation, he rocks! And I totally want his sneakers ;)


I didn’t connect with Becca OR Zac. Becca just didn’t have a backbone at all, everything scared her and she was always crying. Yet she loved getting a rough, hard spanking. There was soooooooo much spanking! It even made my butt tingle a time or two, but she seemed to enjoy it.


Zac is a ghost, part of a special black-ops team kept under the radar. That’s still no excuse for leading Becca and Parker to believe he’s dead! I thought it was good of him to fight to be in their lives but it was a little too late and my attitude soured towards him as soon as he re-appeared. At least he’s willing to die for them!


There was definitely some good parts that made my eyes wet and giggle aloud causing some funny stares to come my way but there was also some rough parts and not enough connection between the main characters. AND there was too many secrets, it just kept me frustrated.


**A copy was provided for review purposes**

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