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Review: Revenge (The Virgin #1)

The Virgin: Revenge (Revenge #1) - J. Dallas

Shannon is seventeen when she meets Drake Gallagher and has a crush on him, believing she loves him. They become friends leading to more until Drake ruins it all. Ten years later Shannon is bent on revenge. She applies for a job as his assistant and sets her plan in motion. Will she succeed or fall for him once again?


When I read the synopsis I was looking forward to reading this one, the idea of the story was great, I couldn’t wait to see how it went down, I even read it the day I got it on NetGalley, I was partly disappointed as I expected more but some was okay, I was definitely half and half.


This book had me going round in circles. I didn’t like either of the main characters Shannon or Drake. The chemistry between them just didn’t do it for me. Shannon is hell bent on revenge but that takes a backseat when she sees him. Drake is cold and distant and I just couldn’t connect at all.


There were some parts I enjoyed but more often than not I just couldn’t get into it. I sighed and hmphed through most of it. Though I do want to know what happens next! So there’s got to be something there right? We shall see what happens when the time comes.


**A copy was provided for review purposes**

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