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Review: The Fountain of the Earth (Fountain of the Earth #1)

The Fountain of the Earth (Volume 1) - H. L. LeRoy

Terra Vonn witnesses her mothers murder and promises revenge on the killers. She sets out alone on her journey that proves to be dangerous and difficult. Going out on her own was way harder than she thought it’d be. Along the way Terra learns how to make it on her own, surviving on instinct and sheer will. On a path of destruction Terra must make her own choices and live with the consequences of her actions.


Wow, OMG, holy hell! I started The Fountain of the Earth this morning and now that I’ve finished it I want to start from the beginning all over again. What a story it is. I was so excited I found myself having to re-read parts as I was skimming ahead (something I rarely do) because I couldn’t wait to see what was coming!


The world Terra lives in is so different from ours. Her world is bleak, boring and dangerous. I couldn’t imagine living the way they do. Being bid on to become someone’s wife, second, or third wife! Really? That so wouldn’t sit well with me, I’d kick up a right fuss. Living in camps in huts, scrounging for food and fighting to survive. Women being the lesser of the pair, it just saddens me so much to think of what the women had to go through even as they made the most of it.


Terra Vonn is such a strong character. Having lost both her parents, witnessing the brutal murder of her mother she promises revenge and sticks to her guns. She doesn’t shy at the path she’s chosen but jumps in with both feet. She knows it’s going to be dangerous and could get her killed but is determined to do it anyway. She’s brave, passionate, courageous, thinks well under pressure, strong willed and a good hunter/fighter (in the end). I admired Terra a helluva lot, she fell down a few times but picked herself up and came back stronger than ever.


There was so many characters introduced to go into detail or I’d be here for hours but wow, I loved so many of them. Carson for teaching Terra how to hunt properly, Beth because she comes such along way and turns out to be a fine warrior, and a great friend. Ormek for helping Beth and later helping Aurora. AND Scott Stevens, I can’t forget Scott! He was amazing, you don’t see much of him but what you do see will pull at your heartstrings! There’s so many more but I’ll leave it there.


The ending, just Jesus! I cried like a baby. I never saw it coming! Really? I thought I’d misread it and backtracked but no, my eyes weren’t playing tricks on me, it was really there in front of me. What a great ending to an amazing story.


I am so freaking excited for book 2! Gimme gimme! If your a fan of Dystopian I highly suggest you give the Fountain of Earth a go, you won’t be disappointed, I sure wasn’t! I’ve found me a new book to add to my favourites shelf!


**A copy was provided for review purposes**

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