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Review: Killing Honor (Lucky Thirteen #1)

Killing Honor (Lucky Thirteen) - Suzan Butler

Brody Battles is a Navy SEAL, he’s been away from his family on a secret mission for two years, unable to tell Devyn anything about it, when he returns home after being injured everything is different. Neither Brody or Devyn are the people they were 2years ago. They must learn to adjust and trust each other.


I enjoyed the story behind it, even knowing it was a book full of secrets between the characters I wanted to read it as it’s military. I’m a pad brat (Army), have been since I was young so I read them whenever I get the chance. I can’t stand secrets, especially between a married couple, there’s nothing he shouldn’t be able to tell her. I understand he needs permission from the captain but he shouldn’t have kept her in the dark. At least then she would have been prepared for what comes later. What a Plank!!


Devyn for the past two years whilst her husband was away has been looking after their twins. The little ones were only 2weeks old when he left. She’s had it tough, it can’t be easy raising two monsters on your own, I struggle with one somedays. Some of the thoughts passing through her head disgusted me though. How self-centred can one woman be?


Brody was a pain in the ass, one minute he was laughing and joking the next in complete shutdown, I felt like he gave me whiplash. Going on missions is a rough deal and took a lot out of him but he needed to handle it better around Devyn and the girls. Maybe I’m being too strict, I’m like 99.9% sure I’d have nightmares about shit too if I were in his position but he should have just told Devyn, therefore I didn’t like him, at all, for many many reasons! No relationship can be built on secrets, it’ll just crumble and fall.


Overall there was a few good parts I enjoyed. When Devyn finally grew a backbone, when Jane got what she deserved, the ending was good, maybe now he can share more with her. And she should take some bloody martial arts classes just in case they get any more surprises, get you butt in gear please Brody!


**A copy was provided for review purposes**

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