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Review: Summoned (Summoned #1)

Summoned - Rainy Kaye

Dimitri works for a man called Karl who is one big giant a-hole with a capital A! He sends him off to kill/kidnap people with no thought to Dimitri. He has no choice, he’s bound to Karl with an Unbreakable bond, besides death but he’s under oath not to kill him. Sucks for him. Dimitri is sent on a group of missions back to back which is really rare and new ants to know what’s going on. Especially when it’s not just him he’s thinking about anymore.


I wasn’t sure what to expect and I still don’t know but i was surprised a few times yet predicted a fair bit. I did enjoy Summoned but not as much as I’d have liked to. I think the main problem for me was Syd. She just downright annoyed me. Okay so she had her good points but they were lost amongst her bad ones. I just completely disliked her and considering she plays a big part in the story it was upsetting.


Dimitri, not really sure what I can say about him. My heart broke for him, imagine being bound to someone who only wants to use you for his own purpose. At his beck and call 24/7 with no life of his own. It would kill me, literally. But he soldiered on and done what was expected of him, most of the time. What attracted him to Syd though? I don’t get it, am I the only one who doesn’t like her?


The story was a great idea, I haven’t read many books on genies so it was fun and refreshing. I loved how the wishes were unlimited and they had to take oaths at the beginning of their bond. I will not kill myself, I will not kill my master etc. and the way Syd and Karl fit together into the story was also a brilliant idea, and the little girl… Won’t say anymore on that one.


Sylvia was a tart, is there a nicer way to say it? She bloody annoyed me too, more so than Syd. I’m glad he pushed her away every time, I don’t think I could of took it had he accepted her advances. Makes me cringe at the thought.


The ending was okay, slightly predictable, maybe a lot. There was a little surprise thrown in there for me though which I thoroughly enjoyed. Overall it was a fun, fast paced read but I’m only going to give it 3* as disliking a main character is a big no no for me and predictability too. Other than that, I liked it.


**A copy was provided for review purposes**

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