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Review: The Mind's Eye (Synsk #1)

The Mind's Eye (SYNSK) - K.C. Finn

Kit suffers from an illness that keeps her in a wheelchair but has an amazing ability, she can enter people’s minds and see what they see. At the start of Word War II Kit and her brother Leighton evacuate to Wales to stay with a family there. Whilst there Kit someone connects to the mind of a boy in Oslo, forming a bond and helping him through some rough times. Kit and Henri must fight the war anyway they can, which is in completely different ways.


Holy mother of god, what just happened? My mind is in turmoil, my emotions are all over the place and I can’t believe I’ve finished it. Can I start again from the beginning please? What an amazing story. I’m not usually a big fan of historical but K. C. Finn has definitely changed that.


Kit has an illness that keeps her in a wheelchair, from the outside she looks fragile but she has a mind of steel. She will go to any lengths to do what she believes is right. No matter the damage to herself, mind or body. I admired Kit a hell of a lot, there’s just some secret strength to her I couldn’t ignore. She has to leave her mother and stay in a foreign town, battle her illness, strengthen her body and try to control her ability, and somehow manages to do it all, you go girl!


Henri was a loveable character too, at the start he was a boy living in Oslo, which the Germans had occupied. He witnessed some horrific events and had the courage to escape. Henri’s strength wasn’t secret, it was brilliant! As soon as he turned 18 he was determined to do what he could to fight the war, no matter it could lead to his death. Where can I get me a Henri?


The other characters were great. Mam, Idrys, Blod, Bickerstaff, Ness, the brothers and Leighton. They all brought something special to the story, especially Blod and Bickerstaff, they made me laugh and cry, I even wanted to slap Blod a time or two but I came around, now we can be friends.


I loved the world-building. Having Kits ability to enter minds during the Second World War is genius. Can you imagine if that was possible? The amount of lives you could save, people you could help, the possibilities are endless. I was well excited to see how it panned out. We got to visit London, Wales, Norway, France and just wow, it was lots of fun though I bet Bickerstaff would disagree.


The Mind’s Eye left me an emotional wreck. I cried not once, twice but three times and I don’t mean I shed a tear. I mean full on sobbing, wiping my face with tissues crying. I was pulled in from the start and felt like my hands were glued in place. I couldn’t have put it down if I tried.


All’s I can say is if you’re a fan of YA paranormal you have to give this a go. Even if you don’t read historical still do it. You won’t be disappointed I promise you!


**A copy was provided for review purposes**

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