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Review: Moonflower

Moonflower - Angela J. Townsend

I went into Moonflower blind. Most of the time I’ll read the synopsis before daring to read a book but not this one. I absolutely love the cover AND the publisher so I thought I’d be fine and I was right. And I’m glad I didn’t read about it beforehand because I was surprised at so many turns that wouldn’t have been possible had I gone in prepared.


I felt so sorry for Natasha. Being thrown into care and having to put up with Bit*h Bambi until she could escape. Even though she was dealt a rubbish hand she powered through and became stronger for it. She had strength and courage, I don’t think I’d be able to pack up and go to a new country looking for answers on my own, that would be scary as hell but she did it and much more.


I loved all the characters in Moonflower with the exception of Bambi but I’m sure everyone will feel the same as me. Chuck captured my heart and held it for a long time. He put up with all of Bambi’s crap because he wanted to stay close to Natasha, how amazing it that? I get why he done it now that I’ve finished but still, he won some major points from me. Anatoly was another great character, a knight in shining armour if you will, he swears to protect and help Natasha, even if it means making sacrifices of which he has to make.


I loved the plot, Natasha is an artist, as was her mother before her and ancestors before them. I thought it was brilliant and different. To have a mural that can come to life if it’s not restored was a great idea and I really enjoyed it. I also liked where Natasha’s nightmares were rooted from and how she overcame them.


The only thing that let it down for me was the ending, I felt as if the story was nowhere near finished and I wasn’t ready to let it go yet but I didn’t have a choice. I’d have liked to see where things went. Why isn’t it a series please? Other than that I really enjoyed Moonflower and I think any lover of paranormal will too.


**A copy was provided for review purposes**

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