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Review: Mystery Man (Dream Man #1)

Mystery Man - Kristen Ashley

For a year and a half Gwen gets visits from a mystery man late at night who gives her mind-blowing sex then disappears, all without knowing his name. Gwen finds out her sister Ginger is in deep trouble and heads to Ride, hoping to find her sisters boyfriend Dog, whilst there she comes to an understanding with the hottie president of Chaos MC, Tack. When she gets home no other than mystery man is there waiting for her, and it’s a shock as its the first time since the night they met she’s seen him in broad daylight. MM aka Hawk warns her to stay away from trouble and let him handle it, not too nicely too. It’s not that easy either and Gwen finds herself in trouble waist deep. In comes Mitch Lawson, the hot detective! Not only has she caught Hawks’ and Tacks’ attention, now Mitch wants in the running too. Can Gwen be kept safe whilst they get to the bottom of it? Or will it end badly for all involved?


Another late night, was up til 4AM again to finish it. I totally couldn’t put it down, this is the first Kristen Ashley book I’ve read and it definitely won’t be the last, I love her writing style and look forward to reading more of her work.


I loved the idea of mystery visits from a man who’s nameless, it’s seems very sexy, not that I could do it because I’d totally freak out, but it sounds yummy though. The plot was fun, engaging, packed with action, and lets not forget all the hot-as-hell men. Who wouldn’t love it?


It’s not very often I dislike both the main characters but that is definitely the case with this one. I disliked Hawk as soon as he was introduced, he obviously doesn’t know how to treat a woman right and therefore loses points in my book, he’s a complete asshole with a capital ASS and this only gets confirmed repeatedly as it progressed, an excuse is just that, an excuse. Gwen wasn’t too bad at first but as time went on she just didn’t do anything for me. I hate when the main characters are bitchy, and don’t have a backbone. Yeah, so she argues back a little but when he comes calling she runs to him, over and over, what happened to standing your ground? Grrrr… I think I’d have preferred her to end up with Mitch, he seems well better that that hound, or even Tack, he’s a total badass but can be gentle and understanding too.


Elvira was my favourite character, she’s totally awesome and outspoken, isn’t afraid to speak her mind and can hold her own surrounded by big macho men, you rock girl, lets not forget the Valentino’s either! I’d have died and gone to heaven!


Overall I loved reading ‘Mystery Man’, I just wish there would have been more to the main characters as I couldn’t stand either or them, still a great read though, I can’t wait to read the others in the ‘Dream Man Series’!

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