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Review: Letting Go (Surrender Trilogy #1)

Letting Go: Surrender Trilogy Book 1 - Maya Banks

Joss has been a widow for three years when she finally decides to let go of her husband and move on. She believes that because she had true love with Carson she’ll never find that type of love again. Joss has always wanted to be dominated, it was something her husband was unable to give her due to his past. Now she’s free and able to make her fantasy become a reality. What she doesn’t expect is Dash, her husbands best friend to be a dominant and everything she craves.


I love Maya Banks, I buy all her books, they’re marvellous. Theirs to Keep and the KGI series are amongst my favourites. The way Maya weaves her tales leaves me an emotional wreck every time, I’m never disappointed. I purposely kept away from reading reviews for Letting Go as I wanted to go into it without knowing anything (I didn’t even read the synopsis)! I have to mention the cover, isn’t it beautiful? So bright and colourful! it’s stunning.


I enjoyed Joss’s journey, watching her find herself again after grieving for three years was emotional. She is a determined woman, going after what she wants but has denied herself for so long. She doesn’t rush into anything but thinks things through before committing. I agreed with Joss a lot, at times she got on my nerves. Especially when she thought about going back to school/work, it irritated me that she didn’t just do it rather than worrying what Dash would think.


Poor Dash, the hell he must have gone through standing on the sidelines whilst the woman he loves is happily married to his best friend. Even after Carson died he was Joss’s rock, a shoulder to cry on, I just couldn’t imagine it. At long last though he gets his shot, a chance at something he never thought possible and wants more than anything.


I felt connected with all the characters, they had depth, the character development was really well done. Now the dominance part… It was done right, not too overdone, especially as Joss is new to the scene. Dash eases her into it properly and it’s not rushed, they take it slow and figure it out together as it should be done.


I especially loved Chessy! What a woman she is, she made me laugh endlessly. I loved the bond the three women shared (Joss, Chessy and Kylie), theirs is the sort of friendship everyone wants. Always there for each other, whether for encouragement or a shoulder to lean on. Kylie was a lovely character and drew the emotions from me the easiest. Along with Carson (Kylie’s brother) she had a hard life growing up and finds it hard to trust and be around dominant men.


The only downside for me was at times it felt a little slow, there was parts I wanted to flip the page a few times, and Dash’s insecurities JESUS! I get that he feels he has some big shoes to fill but he lets it get in the way of their relationship, one he’s craved for years yet is determined to mess up.


Overall I enjoyed Letting Go, but it’s not one of Maya’s best in my eyes.

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