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Review: Theirs to Keep (Tangled Hearts #1)

Theirs to Keep - Maya Banks

Elle is found hiding in a gun store by Cade Walker and Merrick Sullivan, they take her under their wings. They both become her protectors and make her feel safe, she has no memory of her past except someone tried to kill her. Feelings develop between the three, will it make or break them?


WOW, Theirs to Keep is a truly phenomenal book, the story is amazing and has so much depth, this one definitely tugged at my heart. Banks is an awesome author, I’ve read a lot of her previous work and will definitely be eager for her next releases, her writing really grips me and I find myself pulled in every time.


Elle is such a strong woman, even after the traumatic experience she’s been through she learns to live again, the fear never goes away but she fights to keep it at bay and not let it ruin her. I really admire her, she’s so full of spirit and fire, a great choice for the main character.


Cade and Merrick, okay where to start? They are both yummy specimens, both muscular and kind, caring, understanding, thoughtful. Everything you could want in a man, or me at least. They are great characters and they give a great depth to the story, I fell in love with both of them quite easily! Where can I get my own? :D


Theirs to Keep has left me wanting more, more and definitely more, I can’t wait for Book 2, Always Mine to be published, I shall be reading it the day of release without a doubt. I purchased the eBook version of this but will certainly be getting myself a paperback copy to make my favourites shelf look pretty along with her KGI series, great job Maya.

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