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Cece has to renovate a house for a tv show, a house that is owned by her ex-boyfriend, father of her baby, Brock. Cece is determined to get the job whilst dodging Brock and her attraction to him. There’s more going on behind the scene and Cece doesn’t like it. Brock wants her back and is willing to put the effort in at the same time as trying to go about his own business.


After reading the synopsis I was really looking forward to getting into this one, unfortunately I just couldn’t seem to connect with it. The story was different but in a good way, the writing just didn’t seem to connect for me.


At first I was confused as to who everyone was as the chapters kept jumping to different characters. Cece and Brock, Lily and Phoebe, Matty and Kitty, Uncle Court and Nikky, Gloria and Jan etc, I just felt as if too much was going on at once and couldn’t put my mind on anything in particular.


That being said I liked the plot and really liked Cece as a main character! She’s totally sassy and I loved her attitude. Brock was a hunk but didn’t really do anything for me which was disappointing as hell.


Overall it was an okay read for me but couldn’t really connect with the characters.


**A copy was provided for review purposes**

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