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Review: Tragically Flawed

Tragically Flawed - A.M. Hargrove

Riviera Benson escapes an unhealthy relationship and moves away from Chicago to start a new life. She loves to paint and finds a great job, allowing her to paint multi million dollar homes, which is how she meets Shan.


I really enjoyed reading Tragically Flawed, I haven’t read any books by Hargrove before this but I’ll definitely be reading more in the future as I loved her writing style.


The story was great and I loved following how Riviera grew. She started out as a woman who didn’t feel safe in her own skin and was always scared to become a woman who is sure of herself and learns to trust.


Riviera is such a strong character. After all she’s been through you’d expect her to be broken, in a way she is but not to the point she can’t go on. She builds a life for herself and doesn’t give up. I really loved Riviera.


Shan was also a loveable character, he’s beautifully understanding, protective, handsome, rich and doesn’t take no bullshit. He has demons of his own which he learns to overcome with the help of Riviera. They are a great match and complement each other wonderfully.


There’s a depth to all of Hargrove’s characters that allows the reader to be sucked into the story, I fell in love with all the characters except for Marshall Sue and Jason of course as they’re little sh*ts!


Overall Tragically Flawed was a great story filled with treachery, abuse, love, hardship and trust. There’s also plenty of steamy sex scenes that leaves you panting and wanting to take cold shower or three.


**A copy was provided for review purposes**

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