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Review: Spitfire (Puffin Cove #1)

Spitfire - Carla Doolin

Laura decides to pack up and move, being thirty-eight, almost thirty-nine with two  grown sons who no longer live with her has left her wanting more. She decides to move to Newfoundland after visiting there previously with her mom and sons. Laura finds herself in Puffin Cove on her first night and falls in love with the place instantly.


Kane moves to Puffin Cove from Ireland after a tragic accident leaving him unable to stay in his homeland. Five years has passed before he’s ready to move on and grab life with both hands. He’s a well known artist and a great man.


This story is great, it’s not your typical boy meets girl and falls in love, instead it’s a man meets a woman who have both suffered from previous relationships and are ready to try again. The writing was well done, except from Kane’s speech at first which I had some trouble with but soon got the hang of it, it helps thinking of my dream man (Gerard Butler) as Kane!


Both the main characters were easy to like and I admired how strong Laura is. Unhappy with her life, deciding to move away from home and start all over again takes some guts. Her passion for her work was awesome to see and even though she’d retired before the book started I’m glad we got insight in the reason why during a conversation between her and Kane. Kane was also easy to love as he’s so laid back, maybe not at first with Laura but that didn’t last. He’s so thoughtful and sexy, not to mention his accent! Irish is my #1 accent so this was a major bonus!!!


I loved how descriptive Carla was with the surroundings, I could easily picture Puffin cove in my mind, I prefer reading a book and being able to visualise which I was able to do in lots of detail. Puffin Cove sounds amazing, it’s definitely a place I’d love to visit as it sounds so relaxing and just flat out awesome. The habitants are all welcoming and friendly too, and being right near the ocean with icebergs wins points.


A truly great read! I’m so glad I got to see a teaser of ‘Sweetness’ as I loved both Jill and Landon almost as much as Laura and Kane and can’t wait to read their story.


**A copy was provided for review purposes**

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