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Review: Branded (Sinners #1)

Branded  - Abi Ketner, Missy Kalicicki

Lexi Hamilton is taken from her home to the Hole where she is branded a sinner, after being accused of Lust, one of the Seven Deadly Sins by the Commander; who is an arrogant sadistic gerk. Lexi is then escorted to her new home by her guard; Cole. The Hole is a horrible place, where people go to work and die. Everyone is treated like an animal (besides the guards), there is no respect or justice, only cruelty.


I was so emotional reading ‘Branded’, never before have i read a novel that has reduced me to such a sobbing mess; that is of course until this came along. The story is so intense I just couldn’t put it down, if i tried it was back in my hand within minutes. All’s i kept saying throughout was “God, Please No!”. The plot was well thought out and no detail was left unturned.


The character building was amazing, not just the main characters Lexi and Cole but the minor characters too such as Sutton, Bruno, Keegan etc. I felt i really connected with all of them which is something that’s not always easy to come do, especially as there are so many of them.


My favourite character was Cole, how could it not be? He goes against everything he knows and is taught to help a sinner. The feelings developed between Lexi and Cole is heart-warming, although it is totally forbidden for Guards to get attached to the Sinners. This doesn’t stop Cole though, and he does everything he can to make the Hole better for her. I totally love him!


Overall i thoroughly enjoyed reading ‘Branded’ and can’t wait for the next Sinners novel as i’m dying to see what happens next! After reading the eBook i have even ordered the paperback i loved it that much. A job very well done ladies!


**A copy was provided for review purposes**

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