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Review: Bound (Guardians #1)

Bound (The Guardians, #1) - M.J.   Stevens

Mellea is a country girl, working to save up for college when she helps a hurt stranger. From one good deed her life gets turned upside down. She is taken away from her family and has to adjust to new ways. She can’t see how things could get worse, her life is in turmoil but that’s only the beginning. Danger strikes and she’s right in the middle of things. One decision will change her life forever.


I love the cover of Bound, the necklace she holds in her hand is beautiful and I love the relevance it has to the story.


I liked Mellea, she has a strong head on her shoulders, is stubborn as a mule, doesn’t take no crap from no-one and knows right from wrong even when faced with impossible decisions. But she knows when to save her breath too. And she doesn’t quit, I really liked that about her. She was dealt a bad hand of cards but she learnt to make the most of it. Plus she somehow managed to get Leo out of his shell, no easy task.


Leo was a pain in the butt but I enjoyed him. He was a ratbag at the start but once Mellea made an effort to befriend him he opened up little by little until his real self emerged. I hate it when characters hide behind who they think they should be, instead of just being themselves but at least it didn’t last throughout the whole book, that would have really ticked me off.


All the guardians besides the Lady Guardian think themselves above everyone else and I mean, come on! You’re just people right? Just because they rule doesn’t mean they can treat people like garbage. Just AARRGGGHHHH…


The story was fun to read and had a few twists and turns, I liked how everything worked together, all the little things that happened were for a reason and weren’t just random. What did irk me a little was how predictable parts where. I knew a few things (major things) that were going to happen and they did, even early on in the story. I don’t enjoy it as much when I know what’s coming, I should really not think ahead and just stay on the page but it’s one of my faults. Oh well.


Overall I really enjoyed Bound and look forward to reading Divided, book 2 in the Guardians series. If you’re a fan of Sci-fi/Fantasy I would recommend giving Bound a go, definitely worth reading ;)


**A copy was provided for review purposes**

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