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Review: Rising (Rising #1)

Rising - Holly Kelly

OMG the prologue! I think it was awesome, and just wow. Can you imagine that happening to you, that'd be a story to tell people wouldn't it haha! You seriously need to read it if you haven't already!!!! Fangirling right now ;)


I absolutely loved this book right the way through to the epilogue which was also amazing! The writing was magical, seriously, I felt like I was under a spell. All day I was like "hmmm... I'll just finish this chapter then I better do the cleaning before my man gets home" but nope no cleaning has been done today, bad I know but I just couldn't help it ;)


Mermaids are one of my favourite fantasy/mythical creatures. The only way they can get better in my eyes is if they could fly. And they sort of can in Rising as they hover so I was well pleased. I also liked how it wasn't just mermaids but Dagonians too who are sort of like Mers but not and yeah they totally hate each other which just a whole lot of fun to the tale.


Sara is a character you just can't help but love. Even though she has had a rubbish life she still makes the most of it and powers through. Yeah so she hides her body as she's self-conscious but she doesn't let it stop her from going out (much), she's still determined to do everything herself. I admired her a lot and was made up with how things turned out! You go girl :P


Xanthus *wipes drool from chin* is a sexy beast, well dagonian but still. He's just full of yumminess. He's 7foot tall, muscular, crazy-good looking and goes out of his was to help Sara and make sure she's safe *swoon* arrgghhhh I think I'm in love. I can't say much more about him I'm afraid or I wont be able to stop and I'll ruin it for everyone who has yet to read it.


Just wow, everything about Rising is incredible. The plot, the writing, the romance, the fighting. It had the right amount of everything and I LOVED it. You guys get the point yet? Haha


And now I'm desperate to find out what happens next. But I have Descending (book 2) so I'll be starting that as soon as I finish writing this review YAY. If you love fantasy books, and/or mermaids then I highly recommend reading the Rising series. I don't think you'll be disappointed, I sure wasn't!

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