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Review: See How She Runs (Chronicles of Izzy #1)

See How She Runs  - Michelle  Graves

The synopsis doesn’t give very much away does it? Not that I mind, I didn’t know what to expect and it was so exciting. See How She Runs was full of twists and turns, some expected, some definitely not! Life on the run sure doesn’t sound fun to me though.


Poor Izzy lost her parents at a young age and doesn’t let herself get close to anyone, the only exception being her best friend Kennan. Who of course turns out to be different than she first thought, full of secrets and an ASS! But we’ll get to him later. Izzy is awesome. Even though life has dealt her a really crappy hand she keeps her head on and soldiers on. Nothing seems to be able to break her, she’s so brave and determined. I really admired that about her and I just know she’s going to kick some serious butt.


Kennan is a sexy, six-foot-seven, charming dude who is the only person Izzy truly trusts. They have a special bond that’s unbreakable, and Kennan would do anything in his power to keep Izzy safe, even if it’s from herself. I hated him a teeny weeny bit at times for being secretive as you do but overall I just loved his character. He just doesn’t give up!


I have to quickly mention Ian and Molly too. I absolutely loved Ian, his fashion sense and attitude totally made me smile and Molly was pretty great too. She has a no bullsh*t attitude about her that you can’t help but think “HA, you just got told!”


There’s not a lot really that I can say about the baddy, I didn’t learn much about him other than he’s a greedy, backstabbing, lying, manipulative turnip who needed putting in his place. Grrrr… I really didn’t like Xavier at all, I wanted to claw his eyes out :(.


Overall I enjoyed See How She Runs. I feel as if things could have been explained better, the missing details meant I couldn’t quite pull myself into the story which is a real shame, with more depth this could have been a GREAT book. I’m looking forward to reading See How She Fights, book 2 in the series. I want to see Izzy open a can of whoop ass YEAHH!!


**A copy was provided for review purposes**

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